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Structural Precast Systems 

Using cutting edge technology and methods, Conrock Australia is able to design and manufacture precast structural elements to withstand tough Australian conditions and be incorporated into a project from the ground up.

Prestressed concrete piles offer several benefits compared to other driven pile systems. Tensile stresses, which can arise in a pile during driving, can be better resisted due to the prestressing forces, and the pile is less likely to be damaged during handling. Bending stresses during driving are also less likely to produce cracking than in conventional precast concrete piles.

Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Piles
The Plank

The Plank represents a revolutionary and effective alternative to casting floor slabs in situ. The Plank eliminates the need to use extensive form work and scaffolding when casting flooring for multilevel construction. These elements allow the space below to still be used for access and further works, ensuring the project continues in the most efficient manner. 

The reduced labour cost associated with installation of Plank floor slabs, translate directly to big savings and a faster timeframe for completing a project.

Precast reinforced concrete columns are a very cost efficient solution for multilevel construction projects. The fit to suit design ensure these columns are reliable, easy to install and integrate easily into building designs.

Reinforced Structural Concrete Columns 

Precast reinforced band beams can be used to provide a fast, cost effective solution to any band beam design. Our beams are designed and constructed so as to easily fit into concrete columns, steel columns, wall panels and floor slabs.

Reinforced Concrete Band Beam
Precast Structural Panels

Structural precast concrete panels are a strong, durable and versatile building material, particularly suited to Australia’s harsh climatic extremes, requiring minimal maintenance and can be engineered to meet the structural needs of every type of construction.

The inherent structural properties of precast walls mean that they do not require additional bracing to resist racking loads and that simple design of cross walls and junctions can provide adequate lateral bracing.

Precast finishes are highly impact resistant, fire resistant, flood resistant and withstand wear and tear over the lifetime of the building.

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