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Design and Construct

Using our extensive industry experience and knowledge, Conrock Australia can provide you with well rounded and comprehensive service to suit any kind of development projects. 

  • Feasibility Studies
    A thorough analysis of a project accounting for factors that affect it such as economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors

  • Joint Venture Development
    we're currently engaged in many joint venture's across Australia, in both commercial and residential developments as well as many civil and Infrastructure projects

  • Distressed Projects
    Contact our specialist team for a consultation to see how we can help get your projects moving again

  • Master Planning
    Using a Master Plan, we can provide a long-range vision for many project types. Ensuring the continued success of a development through the implementation of forward thinking strategies 

  • Site Analysis
    Through a comprehensive analysis of your site, we hope to develop an understanding of its context, the resulting constraints and opportunities for the project. it helps form the basis for good site planning, retention of desirable landscape elements, establishing building footprints, determining building orientation and protecting heritage fabric


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