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Comprehensive Engineering Services

As a long time builder, we can provide consultations and provide services for many types of building projects

  • Certified Engineering Design

  • Manufacture, Design and installation of precast concrete components

  • Design and installation of certified under slab temporary support system

  • Preparation and pouring in-situ concrete on precast components

  • Provision of all site crane requirements

  • Incorporation of provision for any services to be cast into the concrete structure

  • Adaptation of existing structural designs to utilise Precast Concrete Technology

With our in-house drafting and structural engineering team, the capacity of manufacturing multi level building structure, our own fleet of trucks, trailers and cranes, Conrock offers the complete structural and design solution for any project.

Benefits of our system
  • All plumbing mechanical and electrical penetrations can be prepared at manufacturing stage, minimising waste on site and providing easier access for following works.

  • Our systems are designed using the latest 3d solid modelling.

  • Follow on works can proceed immediately after precast  elements are installed.

  • Plumbing provisions are made by precast penetrations or in cast.

  • Electrical services are catered for by casting in of junction boxes and conduits at specific locations.

  • Mechanical Services are provided with precast penetrations at specified locations.

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